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Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

Our next match is against 1664 (who are currently top after winning their first match 6-0 against a new team (Diablos) on Monday).
However, the SHC have not put the kick-off times up yet for some reason, which is why I have not updated the website...although I will do so later today.

From the way the fixtures are actually listed at the moment I am guessing it is 8.00.p.m. again, but we might not find out for sure until Friday.

Trevor has decided to name the same 7 players who played on Monday just gone anyway, plus Daniel Daley, who had to drop out at the last minute because a British Gas engineer had not turned up on time to fix his boiler.
So...the squad is therefore as follows:
Garry Cover (GK)
Terry Moore
Alan Barnard
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Krishan Singh
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley

Trevor has said that if anybody else wants to play, just let him know as he is prepared to name a 9th player and have two subs.
Priority will be given to players who have been playing 11-a-side for us this season though. New players and 'old boys' will get their chance later when others are away or injured.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

Please note that this match has now been confirmed as a 7.00.p.m. Kick-Off.

Please let us know asap if you cannot play.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

Rafiel Johnson phoned to confirm he is available for tomorrow so I have added him to the squad.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

Garry, Hagan & Krishan have all confirmed their availability.

Nothing from Cascoe, Daley or Jack yet though.

What sort of boots is Raf going to turn up in ? He wears blades at training.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

Daley & Cascoe are playing.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 20th May

For those who are playing 7-a-side tonight, if you have got time, have a read of my Chairman's Blog here from two years ago.

We are still doing the same things wrong, so let's try and put it right tonight, eh ?