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We are looking at hiring a room at Edmonton Cricket Club on a Friday evening during July for this season's A.G.M./Trophy Presentation Night as I am still filming Cup Finals & Tournaments up until the middle of June and Trevor is then on holiday in Cyprus for the last two weeks of June.

If any players are going away in July or cannot make a particular Friday night during that month, can they please let us know here, by text or by e-mail as soon as possible. We need to book the room for a certain date before anybody else does.

Re: A.G.M.

The latest situation with this is that two dates have been pencilled in...Friday 5th July or Friday 19th July.
We need to confirm with the Cricket Club asap before somebody else books the room.

I texted everybody this morning asking them to let us know if they are unavailable for either of those dates and the only one who has replied saying that they might have a problem is Lexton for the 5th (due to family commitments).

We will give everybody until Monday evening at our 7-a-side match to reply and we will make a decision then.

Re: A.G.M.

Just to confirm that the AGM is on Friday 19th July at Edmonton Cricket Club, starting at 7.00.p.m.
It was sorted out several weeks ago, but I forgot to update this thread.

I will be sending out the Agenda and Player Of The Year voting forms by e-mail to club members at some stage tomorrow (Wednesday).

Re: A.G.M.

It's just been pointed out to me that I left Krishan off the Players' Player Of The Year voting form by mistake. He played well over 10 matches, so he should be on there.

Not many players have voted yet, but if those who have already voted want to include Krishan in their Top Three, just let me know (by text or e-mail).

Re: A.G.M.

Just an update on this...

I have got most of the votes in for the Players' Player Of The Year from those of our players who were still playing regularly at the end of the season...apart from Garry Cover (who I forgot to ask last night ), Krishan Singh, Rafiel Johnson and Riaz Daniels. Unfortunately it looks as if Raf and Riaz might have both left the club. We are still trying to find out.

The others who have not voted are Simon Jackson, Younes Jouied, Frankie Karemo, Tony King & Gavin Mardell. They are all eligible to vote despite 'sort of leaving' the club at some stage during last season, so they can text me their votes if they want to, but it will have to be done tonight as I will be getting the winner's name engraved on the trophy tomorrow.

I will be using Teamer later this evening to remind everybody that the AGM is this Friday night.
At 7-a-side last night, some players said they would not be able to get there until after 8.00.p.m., even though we have said it is a 7.00.p.m. start. That will not be a problem, so please still turn up. We quite often don't start the Agenda until after 8.00.p.m. as we get a few beers in first !

Jack said last night that he hasn't got a clue where Edmonton Cricket Club is and 'won't be able to get there'. Is there anybody who can arrange to give him a lift (presumably from Cockfosters station or thereabouts ?).
As far as I know, everybody else should be there from our regular players at the end of last season, plus hopefully some new or returning players and some 'old boys'.
If anybody definitely cannot attend or will not arrive until after 8.00.p.m., they MUST let us know. If players fail to turn up without telling us, we will be taking it that they no longer want to play for us.

Re: A.G.M.

We had 12 club members there for our A.G.M. last night, which is roughly the average attendance. There were 8 players (and ex-players) who gave me apologies for absence, but there were 9 players from last season who just didn't bother turning up for reasons best known to themselves. Some of those players have apparently said to others (and some have said to me) that they are interested in playing for us this coming season, while others just haven't said anything, so we shall just have to wait until our first Pre-Season Friendly on Sunday 4th August and see who makes themselves available for that.

One of the decisions we made last night was to scrap all Pre-Season Training because too many players now work nights, while Sunday morning Pre-Season Training sessions are no good while we are playing 7-a-side the following night...and it is too hot to train during the day at the moment !?
We also decided to continue having training during the season at 9.00.p.m. on Wednesday nights because too many players have other commitments at 8.00.p.m. on Tuesday nights.
More about what was talked about at the AGM will be in my next Chairman's Blog and/or put on the Latest Club News page sometime during the next few days. Minutes of the meeting will also be e-mailed to all club members.

As for the awards presented, Lexton Harrison won both the Player's Player Of The Year and the Manager's Player Of The Year awards, while he also received a plaque for playing in his 200th match for the club during the course of last season.
Garry Cover was presented with the Clubman Award and Krishan Singh was the Most Improved Player, although he was not at the meeting to collect his trophy. Both of those awards were voted for by the Management Committee.
Daniel Daley was presented with the Top Goalscorer Award and a shield for playing 100 matches for the club.
Simon Jackson also has a shield for playing 100 matches for the club, but he was not at the meeting. If he wants to come along to a 7-a-side League match to collect it, I will bring it along for him.
...which reminds me that I also have a Top Goalscorer's trophy for Conor McGovern sitting on my shelf which he didn't collect at the last AGM he attended. If he wants to get in touch, he can pick that up from me.

Well done to all our award winners from last season.