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London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Final

As expected, Eureka are through to the London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Final.
They won their Semi-Final 3-0 on Sunday against a team who are top of the Premier Division in their League. They also won their Quarter-Final 3-0 against a top side as well !

How many MORE times are we going to get knocked out early on in this competition by the eventual winners or runners-up ?!!!
This must be something like the 10th season in a row now !

For Junior's information, the team that knocked his side (Rolls Park) out lost in their Semi-Final.

The full competition draw/results can be found at:

Re: London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Final

I maintain that Eureka were by far and away the best side we have played all year. No shame losing to that lot.

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Yes, but we had an extremely weak side out against them. A bare eleven with no Stuarts (Dorward or Byhurst), Del, Danny Hagan, Leon and others and Clark wandering about in a daze for 70 minutes after being hit in the face by the ball.
Also, Oz had a game to forget in goal.

Against Northmet (who I think are the best team we have played this season), we fielded a much stronger side (albeit without Stuart Dorward and Barney) and with four subs.
Northmet created three times more clear-cut chances against us than Eureka did !

Trev thinks St. Mary's are the best team we have played this season (the 10-0 match), but I disagree. Again, we only had a bare eleven for that match, with no proper keeper and 'no' defenders...and we pissed about.

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That's not quite right. I think Eureka are the best team we have played but they were still in 1st gear throughout the game. I think St. Mary's are the most difficult team to play because they are a good side who give 110% commitment as well. We will need a good side out to beat them and, as Wooly says, we must 'want it more than them'.

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Eureka easily the best side we have played this season & probably in the last few years

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The team that beat us in this year's cup were shit and should never have got to the semis.

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Eureka were the best we've played this season very youthful and fit.
Just to change the subject slightly i think we do need training next year,i know in the past i've not been the most attentive at training but we need it at a good time and good day. e.g wed 7.30 not thurs 9pm or whatever its been. i know its hard to get somewhere because we haven't been booking somewhere regular but we need something. If we have new players joining and the youngers ones telling us they want training lets give it a go next year, i certainly need to be doing more!
I also think the problems we had of people not going when we had the reserves was a case of people like myself wooly and Con not wanting to get kicked by players who really were dogshit and couldn't understand training was for fitness and not for a chance to get stuck in to people. Anyway Lol you may want to cut and paste this as a new post but we should perhaps see what the general response to training is? If there has been a debate on the forum lately abouit training i haven't seen it!

Re: London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Final

Have started a new thread re training.

Re: London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Final

Eureka won the Final 3-2 on Sunday (4th May).'s the record of who we were knocked out by since we started entering the London F.A. Sunday Cup competitions back in 1988/99 (our first season in the Mercury Waltham League):
1988/1999...(Junior)...Enfield Park (0-6...4th Round)
1989/1990...(Junior)...Crofton Albion (1-2...2nd Round)
1990/1991...(Junior)...Enfield Lock (0-1...5th Round)
1991/1992...(Junior)...Komi-Kebir (1-3...1st Round)
1992/1993...(Junior)...Sentinel (2-3...3rd Round)
1993/1994...(Junior)...Scotland Green (0-7...Semi-Final !!!)
Scotland Green WINNERS
1994/1995...(Junior)...Bancroft United (1-3...4th Round)
1995/1996...(Junior)...A.F.C. Maze (1-2 AET...1st Round)
1996/1997...(Intermediate)...Croydon Irish (0-9...4th Round)
1997/1998...(Junior)...A.C.Italia (2-3 AET...3rd Round)
1998/1999...(Junior)...U.K. Turkiyem Spor (1-3 AET...3rd Round)
1999/2000...(Junior)...Coach & Horses (Plaistow) (1-2...3rd Round)
2000/2001...(Junior)...Mitcham Park Royals (3-5 AET...2nd Round)
2001/2002...(Junior)...Steeles (2-3 AET...3rd Round)
2002/2003...(Intermediate)...Aris (1-6...3rd Round)
2003/2004...(Challenge)...St.Anselms (1-2...1st Round)
St.Anselms WINNERS
2004/2005...(Challenge)...Dees (1-5...2nd Round)
2005/2006...(Intermediate)...North West Neasden (3-4 AET...2nd Round)
2006/2007...(Intermediate)...Frenford Sunday (2-4...2nd Round)
Frenford Sunday WINNERS
2007/2008...(Intermediate)...Eureka (0-4...3rd Round)

Most of the 2nd Round knockouts were after we received a Bye in the First Round !

Also, numerous teams we have played since 1988 have reached London Cup Finals in other seasons.
These include Steeles, Coach & Horses (Plaistow), Enfield Lock & A.C. Italia (as mentioned above), plus teams we beat such as A.F.C. Saxon & Clal Mondial, and now-defunct teams from the Mercury Waltham League such as Trent Park (Arkay), Sporting Club Tropic & F.C. Boca Hill.

Being knocked out by the eventual Winners or Runners-Up five times in the last six seasons does seem to be very unlucky though.

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Eureka play in the Hackney and Leyton League. Rovers certainly seem very unlucky to keep running into teams from the Hackney and Leyton or who otherwise end up winning the Cup! I noticed you also played Bancroft Utd (another H and L league team).

Matches between top teams in the Hackney and Leyton League's Premier Div often resemble semi-pro matches as there has been a tradition of the top Prem sides fielding several semi-pro players playing at Conference, Ryman and other senior level.

The Hackney and Leyton has a very strong claim to be the highest standard of Sunday league play in London. Recently several teams from the league have won London wide FA competitions (3 of the last 4 LFA Sunday Intermediate Cups have been won by Hackney and Leyton league teams):

* Albion Manor won the LFA Sunday Intermediate Cup in 05/06.
* The next year Albion Manor played in the LFA Challenge Cup and knocked out Aris who were arguably the best Sunday team in London having won the LFA Sunday Intermediate Cup twice in a row in 02/03 and 03/04 and the LFA Sunday Challenge Cup in 04/05 and 05/06 (four consecutive years as London champs). Rovers know how good Aris are since you faced them during this time! So you must imagine how good a team must be to beat Aris.
* Two years after Albion Manor won it, the LFA Sunday Intermediate Cup was again won by a Hackney and Leyton league team: Eureka.
* Right now the Hackney and Leyton league’s Clapton Rangers are the holders of the LFA Sunday Intermediate Cup. They won that cup after winning the LFA Sunday Junior Cup the season before (became the first side in history to win the LFA Junior and Sunday Intermediate Cups in successive seasons). They entered the nationwide FA Sunday Cup but their application was rejected for some reason.

Clapton Rangers had several semi-pro players on their books:

*Michael Filletti – played in the Conference for Dagenham & Redbridge.

*Ben Gracey – played in the Ryman Prem Div for Leyton. Now at Waltham Forest.

*Ashley Taylor-Forbes (Ryman League – Chestnut)

*Nathan Scarborough – this kid was picked up by Redbridge of the Ryman league after scoring an incredible 64 goals in 27 starts…including an amazing record of scoring in every single game that Clapton played in the 07/08 season.

*Bradley Drisdale (Ryman League - Ilford)

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Finger my arse............

Lol you've lost your crown son....

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...well it does say at the top of the Forum 'general Sunday League 'Trainspotters' ! ...You are all invited in to our discussion forum !'

Good to see !