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Welcome to the 42 Regiment Royal Artillery Message Forum
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Message forum 2019

As I no longer pay the £99 per year cost to run the forum, I have sadly deleted Jims photo post, it was taking up too much of the allowance on the forum so nobody else could post.
All the photos are available to see on the Gallery link. They are shown on Regimental and Battery pages.

Once I have compiled the list, I will also be removing all the RIP posts but ensuring that they are all included on the memorial page on the web site.

I will add that because there are Facebbok sites for all the Batteries and now thanks to Dave Parker a 42 page this forum was being used less and less.

I hope that the new silver surfers, will find the site and we will hear from them soon advising us of their service with the Regiment / Batteries.

Re: Message forum 2019

Thanks for that info Chris,it is much appreciated.

Happy New Year to you and your family.