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Arthur Burke 87 Bty Korea

Received this email today - Jimmy one for you mate, I have asked for a telephone number for a chat

Hello Chris,

I found this site as my father has been talking about his time with the 42nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 87 Battery.
He joined on the 19th March 1953 & was discharged on the 10th April 1955, he is Arthur Burke, 22862343 GNR and served in Korea
He is still with us and will be 84 in November, he recognises some of the people named in the photographs on the website, I am hoping that I may be able to get some better copies of these?

I have some of his pictures from that time which I can scan & send to you if you would be interested.
He has enjoyed reminiscing and your site has brought back a lot of memories, thank you.

Best Regards
Mark Burke

Re: Arthur Burke 87 Bty Korea


The only Burke I remember from Korea was Pete Burke in 87 Battery, friend of Pete Barber, both from Rochdale as far as I remember (Pete definitely was). U I have photos of Pete Barber but none of Burke. Please give him my regards, these photos of myself may jog his memory.

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Re: Arthur Burke 87 Bty Korea

Arthur doesnt recognise your photo or name Jim but he does remember Ivan Baney as they went on a home leave together one time. I have told Arthurs son that I have Ivans details so I am going to ask Ivan if I can pass them on.
I am expecting some emailed photos of Arthur and Korea so will forward them on asap.

Re: Arthur Burke 87 Bty Korea

I manged to get in touch with Ivan and he okayed it for me to pass on his details so done that. Hopefully they will be able to chat about old times.