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41 gun salute

Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery fire a 41 gun salute to mark the 66th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s Accession to the Throne
47 Regt also fired a 21 gun salute from Edinburgh castle which I watched live. I still can't get used to women shouting fire orders :flushed:

Re: 41 gun salute

David I have heard live and it sounds so false, Im not saying they dont know their stuff but they just dont have the vocal cords to make it sound right. It was the same in France 2014 when the Sgt tried to get the Battery fell in, she was more or less ignored, not good discipline I know.
Mind I met a few WRACs in the NAFFI in Aldershot and boy could they bellow, especially if you were trying to chat up their girlfriends. One girl I knew left because of the intimidation from the Permanent Staff.

Re: 41 gun salute

Met a few of those in my time too Chris and it's debatable whether they were female to start with :face_with_rolling_eyes: :wink: I guess the argument today is that time has marched on and so has technology. With the advent of personal comms, the ability to give orders over the sound of battle is no longer a requirement. The Kings Troop is an anachronism in itself which is why it sounds so out of place.

It's also apparent that marching drills are no longer a necessity of military life, quite apart from ceremonial duties. Most "instruction" is now carried out face to face or in small groups and the need to raise ones voice to be heard over any distance is a thing of the past. I miss it!