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Welcome to the 42 Regiment Royal Artillery Message Forum
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Something of Great Interest!!!!

Good afternoon all........the following link is worth reading:----

As they say," once a Gunner always a Gunner!" below is the link and near the end of the article nothing seems to have changed since 1924 as this guy's widow was left penniless. We need to think of our hero's who have come back from the front and have fallen on hard times. Some people will reject this thought by saying well the guys in the first,second and Korean wars were not looked after on arrival back in Blighty. My answer is that in those days those poor souls either dead or alive HAD to go to war. Whereas in these last few conflicts we went to war on a lie and for the oil issue....etc etc. B-liar and Bush have a lot to answer for in the Hague but this will never happen as money talks.