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Geoff Graham RIP

sorry to say this was posted on 94 Bty face book page.

It's with deep regret that I have to inform people of 94Bty in Fallingbostel or anyone else that knows him Geoff Graham brother of Peter Graham died on the 19th July 17. I only found out last night. Also his funeral is tomorrow so short notice for people who may of wanted to attend. He ended up as Deputy Mayor of Stanley town council Co Durham.

The srevice was held 3rd August. A good turn out for Geoff 2 ra standards 1 sunderland 1 southsheilds and reps from south shields RAA and Rank from 101 rgt tavr

RIP mate.

Re: Geoff Graham RIP


Sad news, I didn't personally know him but it's always sad to hear of a comrade passing. This is the only photo I have, none of him whilst he was serving. RIP

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Re: Geoff Graham RIP

I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know Geoff when he was with 42 Regt, but I served with him in 47 Regt, where he was the BQMS of 31 Bty - Rest in Peace, Geoff.