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RA visiting Passchendaele 9th November 2017

I have put my name forward to attend the firing of the Guns event on the 9th November.
All those wanting to go from the Scottish region, their names will be put in a hat and the draw takes place 19th July. The 4 names drawn, will go along with other groups of 4 from other regional areas.
They will actually train for 2 days in order to be able to actually fire the Guns, no doubt dressed in WW1 uniforms.

If my name is not drawn, then some of us who would also like to go will be going anyway at our own expense for the 4 days.

so fingers crossed I manage to be in the Gun crew, been a while since I was a Gun bunny.

Re: RA visiting Passchendaele 9th November 2017

just found out this is nothing to do with the RAA as a whole, just something the Scottish region is organising. I think this is to do with the Canadian battle 10th November 1917 - 100th commemoration. there is to be a gun squad from Canada,USA, NZ and us.

Re: RA visiting Passchendaele 9th November 2017

The Passchendaele Salute 2017 is being organised by John Slough and all proceeds are going to the charity Combat Stress.
The patronage is Ms Janice Charatte High Commissioner of Canada. There will be 16 Guns traveling from London on the 8th November to Fort de Seclin Lille France where they will fire a 100 round salute. Unfortunately Belguim will not allow the import of weapons of war. All the Guns are pre 1918.
4.5 Howitzer - 13 & 18 Pdrs - French 75mm.
Because of the expected large numbers that have voiced an interest to attend and because the Fort will only hold 2,000 there will be a ticket lottery, exact details are not yet available of how this will happen.
Neevr the less I and 4 others from the branch will be driving there 7th Nov and returning on the 12th.
Never felt the need for a blazer and badge but decided to get one as it will come in handy for the next 18 months of events being held for WW1.

Re: RA visiting Passchendaele 9th November 2017

well I am not on the gun crew, mainly because they know I wanted to take photos and video the event, still getting a ticket along with all the rest of the lads. Good news as there are only 2000 available. I have promised to provide the Gunner with all the photos for them to do a spread in the Magazine, thats unless someone elses are better. also going to put the video on the RAA face book site and 49/94/18 Bty ones.
geting the ferry 0640hrs Wednesday 8th Nov and return Sunday 12th.
will be visiting Tyne cot cemetery passchendaele, Ypres and a couple of other CWG sites.

Re: RA visiting Passchendaele 9th November 2017

I have bben in touch with the guys firing the gun on behalf of New Zealand RA. 3 are already living and working in the UK and the final one is flying in couple days before going to France. As it happens we are all staying in the same Hotel so should have a good time. Wait till they see my KIWI badge.