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Drawdown of the Association

I have received the following directive from the President of the OCA regarding the arrangements for the formal drawdown of the association which he wishes to be placed on the message board for your interest. As he suggests, please respond to him directly if you have any observations.

The current arrangements for the management of 42 OCA are becoming increasingly untenable. There are increasingly valid justifications for this: we are all advancing in age, there is no prospect of the association growing its membership, there have been some divisions within the association and the support for battery reunions is growing ever stronger.

I have decided with the agreement of the RAA at Artillery House that forty years after disbandment it is an appropriate moment the close the formal association. It is accepted that many of our members will continue to enjoy the company and comradeship of those with who they have a common bond of service, and that will remain unchanged and is encouraged, either by individual arrangements or under the banner of the increasingly vibrant battery groups.

As I write there are several issues which continue to require my attention and you should be aware of them. Many OCA members and their families have drawn considerable comfort from our association standard being on parade at funerals of those who have fallen (and indeed other more pleasurable events) and this should continue if John Sliwka has the will to continue. Members who would like to take advantage of this should contact John directly.

The OCA has some funds remaining in the account and these should be disposed of as we cease to exist as a formal organisation. I would have used these funds to support a final gathering, but I have been advised that we would struggle to attract the level of support which would make this feasible in a year with numerous other gatherings already in the diary. In the past, the fund has been used to support the travel expense of the standard bearer; this could continue but would necessitate the management of the account and its audit process. This is not warranted by either the value of the account or account movement. I have decided the most appropriate way to dispose of the fund is to distribute it evenly between the batteries for their use in supporting their individual OCA’s. That will be done after a final audit of the accounts in the coming weeks.

The final consideration is what will become the home of the regimental standard. Together with several other disbanded regiments we are seeking a single home where they can be displayed appropriately and in perpetuity. Several options are under consideration; RA Sergeants Mess, the Firepower Museum (some time away) one of the recruit training establishments or RHQ RA in Larkhill. Once a decision has been reached I will let you all know.

Inevitably some people will not agree with elements of my decisions. For those who feel strongly I would appreciate you getting in touch with me directly (macmcpherson@hotmail.co.uk) before expressing your views on social media. I do not visit the message board often but have been somewhat disappointed at the tone of some messages. We are all from the same team! It is fine to disagree, but I encourage all users to remain polite, respectful and objective; we owe that much to each other – please.

The message above is from,
Lt Col RA McPherson MBE.

Re: Drawdown of the Association

John any comments worth mentioning on here ? no names etc etc

Re: Drawdown of the Association

i am confused did we not lay down the regimental colours at the garrison church larkhill surely the standard should go to the same resting place?

Re: Drawdown of the Association

John Sliwka has attended the majority of ex 42 regiment funerals with the Standard do we know if John will still do this if so we still need to sort out some form of finance to cover the trips.
Derek Meliavm

Re: Drawdown of the Association

just spoken to John and he is still prepared to attend funerals when requested. I will be phoning Mac in the next couple of days to get his take on all this.