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68/18 battery reunion 2017

Please tell all those you know from 68/18 battery of the following reunion this year.

Friday 15th - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September.
Crossville Club Chester Street Crewe CW1 2LB

Friday will be informal drinks at the club
Saturday Reunion is from 19:30 hrs - Buffet and Disco provided
Please send your cheques for £10 to Brian Davies - 46 Crossway Crewe CW1 4JW
cheques to be paid in by Saturday 5th August.

any other quiries then please contact -
Danny Dalzell 07752281598 or Bryan Davies 07988954709

Re: 68/18 battery reunion 2017

Many thanks to Dany Dalzell and Bryan (Betty) Davies for organising a superb 18 Buy Reunion over the weekend 15/16 September. It was a superb event, very well organised and run and enjoyed by over 100 ex members. This was less than previous years however can be attributed to several hundred (!) attending Bernie Tittles memorial service earlier in the year.

Great get together, superb spirt and great fun. All the ingredients for an excellent gathering!

I hope to see many more in 2019.

Re: 68/18 battery reunion 2017

glad everybody had a great time and 2019 will soon be here. I will leave this post live until later 2018.