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Derek Beech R.I.P.

Home safe and sound from our taking leave of yet another friend and comrade, Derek. He had a lovely send off, well attended by members of the 49 Bty OCA. Derek arrived at the crematorium on the back of a vintage lorry and was accompanied by his own workhorse of many years. A nice touch by the family, making his final journey so personal. I hope the family didn't think us too raucous at the wake but that's the way we deal with losing a good friend, with laughter, bawdy jokes and a fair bit of reminiscing. Derek will have approved and, indeed, joined with us so thank you for giving us the opportunity to help send one of us into that great gun park in the sky. There will be many waiting to greet him. R.I.P. Derek. Fall out. Your duty is done.

Re: Derek Beech R.I.P.

as you said David, a sad day as another Gunner leaves us. This becomming a frequent occassion these days. Thats why we must make more of an effort to meet up and chat about the good or bad time,s depends on how you look at it.
RIP Derek, you have some good company to welcome you mate.

Re: Derek Beech R.I.P.

More sad news. RIP Derek, my thoughts are with your family and friends.