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Tommy Dalton RIP

Sadly, I've just had a call from Charlie Hawkins to tell me that Tommy Dalton has passed away.

I can't personally recall Tommy but understand he was the Signals wallah in Fallingbostel. I did a search of the 42 photo archive but none of Tommy.

Sad news, my thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP

Re: Tommy Dalton RIP

Always sad to hear of a fellow Gunners passing Jim. Like you I don't remember Tommy. I left the Regt not long after getting to Fally but RIP Tommy.

Re: Tommy Dalton RIP

He means Tommy Dutton His wife was Peggy they were at one of the Southport reunion Peggy has also passed away .

Re: Tommy Dalton RIP

My sincere apologies for "the lost in translation" error. RIP Tommy, lovely man.

R 689

I don't have a photo of Tommy during his service days.

Re: Tommy Dalton RIP

Edna, now that is a name I do remember. Sad, very sad. Again, RIP Tommy.