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A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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Caleb And Livvie vs Caleb and Gabby

Although I agree that Caleb and Gabby had a sort of connection, I still think Caleb and Livvie are meant to be. She's the one he married,not Gabby. Even though Livvie stabbed Caleb, I don't think she ever stopped loving him. When she did stab him, she was really devastated. I really do think Caleb and Livvie make the best couple.

Re: Caleb And Livvie vs Caleb and Gabby

Hi, Karen. Thanks for posting. I agree that Caleb and Livvie had the karmic connection, the passion, the fated, inescapable bond that made all other partners seem unfulfilling. Nevertheless, I do enjoy watching Caleb seduce Gabby and Elizabeth. They, like us, cannot resist him, nor do they want to. As Gabby said, once he's in your head, you just can't get him out. He's a part of us forever.