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Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum

A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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What we have lost

Having always loved animals, particularly cats, dogs, and their wild relatives, I often envy them their beauty, power, gracefulness, and sensory awareness. They, like vampires, represent what humans lack.
We, as humans, have lost many of our instincts, our body knowledge, our blood summoning. Only possessing the most rudimentary of fangs and claws, we go through life not knowing the intensity of a world beyond the capacity of language. Our senses, like our teeth, are blunted. In my dreams I know that animal-vampire ecstasy, but when I awaken, the daylight shrivels the eidetic images. They die, like worms on parched pavement, and I thirst for the darkness always beyond my grasp.