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Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum

A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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P.S. Hi Wolfy. :)

Just flying in to say "hello" to a fanged fellow and to raise a bloody toast to a Happy New Year!


Juliet v~v

Re: P.S. Hi Wolfy. :)

Hi, Juliet. A bloody joyous New Year to you, too, Juliet. I hope many delights await you this year. Thanks for flying in. I miss you and all our other fanged friends.

Re: P.S. Hi Wolfy. :)

Bloody best fanged wishes to Juliet, Wolfy and all the fanged friends who fly in.

Wolfy/Audrina Re: P.S. Hi Wolfy. :)

Hey Wolfy! Audrina!,

As I made a toast to Audrina, I make a toast to you too Wolfy! As toasted: "A bloody Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity, and good howling full moons monthly! And may we fly an Eternity knowing all of our fanged fellows are with us in spirit."

And Wolfy, I miss everyone, dearly too. That is why I flew in to say hello and wish you a Happy New Year. Because I am not around much, don't ever think I've lost my spirit for each and everyone of you. That will never go away. We have a bond for life. Thanks to our love of Caleb that became the blood of our existance together. Something that I, we, cherish to our souls forever. That makes us all inseparable no matter what direction we fly off in. Spiritually we are connected. How blood warming, aye?! :) Is.

Keep in touch. Both of you. All of you. Any of you. Love you. "Happy New 2006 Year"!!

Love Always,

Juliet v~v