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A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

I will be starting some Web pages soon to focus on "Tempted." In the meantime, please feel free to post your impressions of Caleb and "Port Charles," as well as other Dark Muse interests.

Re: TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

I have begun a series of "Tempted" Web pages (at Please feel free to discuss and debate "Tempted" on this message board.

To begin discussion, we could talk about what we consider Caleb's "residue" to be. What is "residue" in metaphysical terms? Do you believe in the concept of "residue" as it is expressed at the beginning of "Tempted"? Have you ever experienced any "residue" from your own thoughts or from some psychic entity?

What residue has Caleb instilled in you as an enduring fictional character and muse?

Please share your comments on these or any other topics related to "Tempted" or to another Dark Muse topic of your choice.

Re: TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

I've posted another "Tempted" page:

Please feel free to join in the discussion of "Tempted".

Re: TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

To answer some of my own questions, I consider Caleb's "residue" (or anyone's "residue" for that matter) to be the desiring aspects of the soul--the desire to attach to life energy, to experience flesh, perhaps to satisfy certain needs unfulfilled from the previous life, but above all, the desire to gather essence into physical form. Certain emotions present in the person while alive remain as a psychic echo, affecting the living people in that area and also the environment. In gathering energy, the "residue" slowly takes on physical flesh. As we saw with Caleb, he at first was a disembodied voice; then later he was a transparent spirit; finally, he became flesh.

Re: TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

I also think of residue as the spirit's imaginative power. Alive or dead, I think we have the residue. While alive, sometimes our creations or visualizations seem to take on life. For example, years ago when I would write I sometimes generated scary energy and it was almost as if I would feel entities being formed from that energy. This still happens occasionally, but since I understand it more and can usually work with that magic better.

As for the "residue" Caleb has given me, I see that too as creative/libido/vital energy, the inspiration and impetus to write and explore inner realms and fantasies. After 9/11, which took place as the beginning of "Tempted" was being aired the first time, I was depressed, deadened, afraid, deeply pessimistic. Seeing Caleb, as brought to life so vividly and sensually by Michael Easton, gave me the energy, desire, creativity to escape, at least temporarily, the stagnation of depression.

Re: TEMPTED (discussion of the "Port Charles" "Tempted" arc)

As I see it,the Father Michael side was the less vital aspect of Caleb, which once served the purpose of curbing his impulses so that he could survive in society and connect with his former human state. It was a link, a bridge to his pre-vampire self and the humans around him. However,that aspect altruistically sacrificed itself in order to protect Eve,her unborn baby, and the other PC residents. It was the part of Caleb that wanted to annihilate itself, be extinguished--the self-hating side which also functioned as a self-preserving adaptation to enable him to blend into society. Once Caleb was destroyed by the bolt of lightning, the Father Michael side stayed dead for the most part; the will to live, Caleb's desire, his hunger, his need for Livvie and his need for vengeance animated his spirit and brought him back. At first he was almost pure desire--kind of like an atavistic force, elemental, raw. But gradually as he drew energy from his enemies, he started to become whole--his desires coalesced to form
his personality, his soul. At this point he was still transparent, but as his enemies' lives became more disordered, his existence became more focussed, more organized, more physically real.

I don't think the Father Michael side ever completely vanished, though. Instead, it lurked within him as a self-destructive,humanizing force, his own nemesis.

I'd be interested in hearing other people's interpretations of Caleb's personality in "Tempted" and how it compared with his personality in "Tainted Love", in addition to theories of Father Michael's function/role in Caleb's psyche.