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Re: Werewolves, puberty and the horror of female sexuality

One of the many reasons I love the movie "Ginger Snaps" is that it reinforces the idea that women are just as predatory and violent as men. I was always very put off by the so-called "feminist" notion that women were somehow more evolved and gentler than men. There may be less female violence only because females are generally physically weaker than males--so they learn to repress their anger, aggression, etc., channeling their need for dominance into subtler forms of control and manipulation. If women could physically rape men, I think there would be about as many female rapists as male rapists. I love noir movies because they show that women are just as criminal and aggressive as men; in these movies, though, they use their female sexuality as a weapon and in a sense mentally rape the man they are seducing.

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I just saw the movie "Ginger Snaps" (about a female adolescent who becomes a werewolf) and was very impressed. Although there were some cheesy special effects towards the end and the full-blown werewolf transformation looked rather silly, I loved the rest of the movie. Basically, it relates the process of female puberty to becoming a werewolf, that whole idea of the woman (or in this case newly pubescent female) as beast, which is a theme of some other notable horror movies, such as Carrie, Cat People, and Species, to name a few of this type. Some of the quotations I thought were quite profound as they relate to women and the horror of female sexuality, the double standard, etc. Here's one of my favorites: Ginger, after murdering one of her first victims, "No one ever thinks chicks do shit like this. Trust me. A girl can only be a slut, bitch, tease or the virgin next door. Because girls don't know how the world works." Another example, Ginger describing the rush of the kill and relating it to sexuality: "It feels so good. . . .It's like touching yourself. You know every move. Writing on the fucking dots. And after, . . .fucking fireworks, supernovas. I'm a goddamned force of Nature. I feel like I could do just about anything." I especially like the actress, Emily Perkins, who played the younger sister, Brigitte (not the werewolf sister, but like her older sibling, a dark, brooding adolescent with a cynical attitude toward life and the masses). She wasn't conventionally attractive but had this very compelling, dark, haunted look, somewhat reminscent of a young Patti Smith.