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Re: Crop circles

I think all therories and assumptions based on it are interesting, but all of it is any one's guess in the long run.

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Having watched a documentary on crop circles and the recent film "Signs" dealing with this topic, I have been thinking about the various theories regarding this phenomenon. Among the popular theories are these--1) they are all hoaxes, similar to those perpetrated in England by confessed hoaxers 2) they are caused by UFO's 3) they are caused by unknown electromagnetic forces 4) they are created by some other unknown force, either within ourselves or by some other entity. The documentary on TLC mentioned the concept of ley lines, (a theory advanced by T. C. Lethbridge)particularly as they relate to English crop circles and the prevalence of ancient stone circles such as Stonehenge along these electromagnetic force fields. I believe in this connection. Rather than seeing the crop circles as being extraterrestial in origin, I think the crop circles are somehow associated with unknown earth energies; perhaps they are magical thought forms given physical reality or maybe they are created by some type of earth spirit once recognized in ancient times and now nearly forgotten. What do others think of the crop circles? Are they hoaxes, the creations of extraterrestials, or something else? Theories, anyone?