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A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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Caleb and Heathcliff

As I posted this morning on the MELA list, I've been thinking lately of the similarities between the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and the Caleb/Livvie story in the Tainted Love/Tempted arcs of Port Charles. It's interesting to me that in Wuthering Heights, as in Tainted Love/Tempted, it's the woman (Cathy in WH, Livvie in PC) that compromises her love, settles for less, has to conform to society's standards of what's proper.

And in both instances the woman does it at a cost to her soul--Cathy dies unfulfilled in her boring, safe life with Linton; Livvie kills Caleb and then never regains the passionate intensity she had with him--everything else is just dull, flat, emotionless, including her relationship with her former love, Jack. Caleb and Heathcliff, in

contrast, though evil in many ways, have the integrity to stay true to their heart's desire.