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Re: Re: Vampire/human relationships

I don't remember TL & T very well, I don't have SoapNet so I didn't get to see it recently but I don't remember seeing Jack 'feeding', as Gaby did, so if Jack didn't get to 'feed' he'd have a stronger craving for blood. It could also be the emotional, mental differences between men and women, that isn't the right term but any other escapes me at this moment. Just a possability, I'm really not sure.

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Regarding Gaby, I was under the impression that she fed from Caleb. He visited her from time to time and they had feeding sessions, so to speak. Caleb even accused her of 'snacking between meals' once. So that's why I don't think she had the same cravings as jack.

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Thinking back to the Tainted Love arc of Port Charles, I've been wondering about the different types of human/vampire interactions. In that story I'm particularly curious about the nature of the relationship between Gabby and the vampire Caleb. If I recall correctly, Gabby, though bitten by Caleb, did not seem to exhibit the vampire symptoms that Jack did, at least not in the same degree. Why was this? Was Gabby a semi-vampire, someone who didn't crave blood as much as an actual vampire but was under the influence of Caleb, useful to his plans but not given the powers of a vampire? Also, I'm wondering if James, though human, had ever been bitten by Caleb as a way for Caleb to further insure James' devotion/connection to him? I'm curious about the various types of vampire/human interaction. So far I came up with the following classification:

1. the victim is merely food--is killed or nearly drained and then forgotten about

2. the "victim" is useful to the vampire as a sort of servant, guardian, or helpmate, but not really on an equal basis with the vampire (such as Gabby in Port Charles' Tainted Love-- James also, but in a different way.) (Perhaps this would also be like Renfield in Dracula.)

3. the "victim" is in the process of becoming a vampire, has been given vampire powers through the exchange of blood, experiences the vampire thirst and only has to make his/her first kill to be a complete vampire (Jack in Tainted Love)

4. "victim" is now a vampire

I put "victim" in quotation marks here because I don't really perceive it as being a victim in many cases, but rather a mutual dependency/need, perhaps even a love relationship.

Any feedback on this classification would be much appreciated.