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A message board to discuss the vampire character Caleb Morley (from the ABC-TV daytime drama "Port Charles"),  other vampires in fiction and myth, the supernatural,  the arts, and various dark muses.   

Horror Vacui/Caleb Muse Forum
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"Tempted" ending

Like many other Caleb-lovers, I am depressed and disappointed by the ending of "Tempted." I would have liked to have seen a different outcome, obviously, but also I wanted to see the love between Livvie and Caleb emphaszied throughout this arc, similar to the way it was presented in "Tainted Love". It seems to me that the writers took the easy way out by having Livvie be under Caleb's mesmerizing spell rather than making it clear that she chose to be with Caleb; she brought him alive and wanted him more than she ever wanted anyone else. Again, this brings up the seductive appeal of the vampire, the fact that people want what vampires offer but they don't want to admit it.