For Shits 'n Grins
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Here are four more of my limericks for your reading enjoyment.

My girl, on the subject of fetish,
Said, "I like to act quite coquettish."
But I know what she likes.
The handcuffs and spikes
On her collar will get her all wettish.

A surgery addict, Marie,
Desired to look younger, you see.
Her doctor got miffed
Said, "Get one more lift,
And I fear you will have a goatee!"

Old Zeke, in this photo, quite grainey,
Is showed with his favorite cow, Rainee.
She passed on last week;
Dropped dead in the creek.
Now Zeke needs a brand new stump trainee.

The weather in Phoenix is dry
And temp. in the summer is high.
Those snowbirds are weenies;
Our girls don bikinis
And lay in the sunshine to fry.

They can't all be good ones