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China Stuff

Will our Gov't and ***** business folks ever learn a ****ed
thing? Indeed, as we, as a nation, snake dance w/ the Chinese,
I'm left wondering................
What's in it for US---as in USA????????????????
Think it through: The Chinese have nukes, have sent an astronaut
into space, have a million man standing
army, steal our secrets, buy what they can't steal, and condemn
(SP) us for supporting Taiwan, as they
rattle their sabers. Yes, you may think, where am I going w/

Think this through: I've purchased 3 MADE IN CHINA thermostats for
my home furnace to have every one of them fail. Not to br out
done, my Sears ( Made in China..) car jack failed within 4 months of purchase. Yep, there's more: I bought an elec/ hyd log
splitter from Harbor freight, and it lasted 1 month, leaking all
the way where ever it
was parked. Oh yes, a new purchase of a table-top toaster oven, made in China has yet to be opened and put to

Given this scenario, do you suppose that someday,
being in compitition w/ China that we may have to ask them to
speed up an order for wheel brngs
for our tanks, APC's, Bradleys, or what the hell ever we need to
fight them????????????????????????
Think About IT!

Ed Burchard