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janefonda, 30 yrs later, are we supposed to take this
well monied woman's appologies re her actions, smiling,
clasping her hands, smiling---sitting on an anti-aircraft shooting platform and the symbolism
represented by that very action as re the downing
of the very pilots that we were loading ordnance to
make the mission????? I don't buy it!

Further, as NcNamarra went to the World Bank, so does Wolfowitz. Does anyone have suspicions re
these assingments????????

Talk to me if you have any feelings re the issue of
saying "NO" to the very people that preach TEAM playing while squashing conciousness and the dumb
following as regards right vs. wrong!!!

Indeed, there is right vs wrong; however, sometimes the enenmy vs the superiors is difficult to define. This is just one Man's
thoughts re a confusing situation as regards
taking care of business vs BS!!!!!!!!

If you think me wrong, say so! I've always
wondered "WHY" particular superior folks made OUR
mission much more difficult than it needed to be. Be assured, I often wondered who the real bad guys were!

The stones with which we speak from did end w/ the military! Think of the work world and the job that you/ I may just wanted to keep
except for a supervisor that had no flexibility. Think it through, for if I'm full of SH@#$%^&*(TTTTTTT let me know...........
After-all, we're talking about the freedoms that we went over there for, then without the freedom of conscience to speak our mind's feelings, what was the use???????????????

Bless you, the BROTHERS & SISTERS that were there! ED BURCHARD

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