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DONALD "DON" R. BACH 1950 - 2002

Donald ̉DonÓ R. Bach 1950 - 2002

I am sorry to let you know that ̉DonÓ passed away from a heart attack on 7 October, 2002 while on a business trip in the UK. He is survived by his wife and two children.

I talked to his wife yesterday (24 May, 2003) and she said that she wanted to apologize to everyone for not following up on his web site and letting people know of his passing. She will have someone take over the site and respond to all of the e-mails. She will then have a small tribute with a photograph of Don and will post it on this web site.

Thank you.

Bruce Taylor

Re: DONALD "DON" R. BACH 1950 - 2002

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Don Bach at the age of 52. His tireless efforts to put together and maintain this excellent website pays tribute to the brave military personnel who served in and around DaNang. Don was clearly a true patriot and will be missed greatly. All Vietnam Veterans owe a debt of gratitude to Don. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
I recently lost one of my best friends, Ron Amptmann, to heart failure. Ron was on vacation in Africa, he was 54 years old and also served in Vietnam. I also had heart problems 18 months ago which resulted in open heart surgery to have a mechanical heart valve installed. I am also 54 and served at DaNang in the 389th TFS. I have fully recovered and have a good prognosis at this time.
My advice to all Vietnam Veterans and people in general over the age of 50 or even earlier, is to have a complete medical exam, it saved my life. We are not always given a signal that there is a problem, especially with our hearts.
The "Moving Wall" was recently in my city which honors all those that perished in the Vietnam War. We should also not forget the sacrifices of Vietnam Veterans whose names are not on the wall. I will never forget Don for his service to our Country and providing so many Vietnam Veterans the opportunity to heal through the use of his website.

Re: DONALD "DON" R. BACH 1950 - 2002

My deepest sympathies to Don and to his in peace my friend! Sincerely, Willie Flores, 366th TFW, DaNang, 71-72 (46250)