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Re: Flag stuff!

Ed, You're right on. Sounds to me like a clear violation of 1st Ammendment for everyone that wants to display the flag and proclaim support for our soldiers. Could it be a lack of backbone of whomever it is that is denying the right to display the US flag and their fear of retribution from a whinner? Put the flags up and let him whine, maybe he'll get the idea that it is his perogative to leave. There are other countries (Iran, Yeman, Chile, Venezula, Serbia, etc.) that this person(s) might find more comfortable to live in.

Don W.

366 TFW Danang '69-'70

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Replying to:

Gentleman: Passing along a 'lil tidbit I heard over the local network news in the Denver, CO area: An apartment complex has decided that its tenants cannot display the US Flag. It seems as though such display might offend someone. Now, all of my friends/ acquaintances know that I'm not the most in-your-face pseudo flag waving patriot; nevertheless, as a Vet who, thought not heroically, but certainly honorably, served-out his dues-paying obligations is left wondering??????? If a person who has come to, or was born in, this nation and is offended by a fellow citizen's display of the flag, then that person is, indeed, in the wrong FU?!@#$%&*+"ING PLACE> As our troops are sworn to follow orders, please join me in blessing them success and safety, and hopefully, a heart-felt welcome home brothers/ sisters when it's time for them to come home. Thanks for attending to my musings ED!