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Flag stuff!

Gentleman: Passing along a 'lil tidbit I heard over the local network news in the Denver, CO area: An apartment complex has decided that its tenants cannot display the US Flag. It seems as though such display might offend someone. Now, all of my friends/ acquaintances know that I'm not the most in-your-face pseudo flag waving patriot; nevertheless, as a Vet who, thought not heroically, but certainly honorably, served-out his dues-paying obligations is left wondering??????? If a person who has come to, or was born in, this nation and is offended by a fellow citizen's display of the flag, then that person is, indeed, in the wrong FU?!@#$%&*+"ING PLACE> As our troops are sworn to follow orders, please join me in blessing them success and safety, and hopefully, a heart-felt welcome home brothers/ sisters when it's time for them to come home. Thanks for attending to my musings ED!

Re: Flag stuff! - by Don Wilson - Apr 11, 2003 12:09pm
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