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Re: tower 44

I worked intermittently at ASP-1, driving there w/ tractor-trailer of 25 & 40 ft lengths to pu bombs. Judging from photos included in this website, it was smaller in '71--'72 than in earlier years. Yes/No ????? Story, An Army MP Jeep tried to pass me on small hill just as I turned left into ASP-1. My rig had no mirrors or working turn-signals. The jeep rolled, but the MP's were OK. A certain MMS admin O-3 tried to pin the whole thing on me, even though I had actually hand signalled my intention to turn, not that the Jeep driver could see or was looking. This was just one of many incidents at Danang that curiously left me wondering who were the bad guys and who were the good ones. Just with the Vietnamese, some of our own were acting pretty strange over there. You couldn't always tell by sight. God-bless, for we are the lucky ones to have made it back.

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Does anyone remember tower 44 at danag west. If so, did you ever jump over? I served from Nov 71 to Nov 72. Anyone ever work the off base bomb dump?