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Re: Letters home

Kyle, reading the events in your letters is almost of copy of the ones my parents saved and gave me in later years. I was with the 366th POL and lived in Camp DaNang from October of 1967 to August of 1968. I returned early for surgery and was awarded a 20% VA disability. My strongest memories were of a great group of very dedicated guys trying to support the guys in the field to win a war.I was on the ramp the PM that TET started in 1968. A 122 MM rocket landed about 50 FT from our bunker on Cargo ramp. Lonnie Morris

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Replying to:

I had a real treat over Christmas. My sister had saved every letter and many photos that I sent home from DaNang in '67 and '68. She had them neatly arranged in a photo album. Reading them again was quite an emotional experience. Mentioned was the runway collision of the C-141 and A-6. as well as the B-52 that crashed on the south end. Rocket attacks, a berserk Marine at the MARS station, Raquel Welch; the incidents all came back.

Thanks guys. I'm proud to have served with you.