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Re: F4E 67-0333

Mr. Jensen,

In reference to aircraft #67-0333, I was the crew chief from January 1971 to January 1972. This aircraft should have a patch on the left leading edge above the inboard pilon. This is from a night mission over Hanoi. A SAM missile hit the leading edge of the wing and past between two aim 9 missiles loaded on the inboard pilon. I wish you luck in your restoration project. It is nice to know the plane is in good hands and made it through the war.

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Replying to:

In august 1997 the "Norwegian Aviation Museum" in Bodo, Norway received F4E 67-0333 in a trade from the USAF Museum. According to the information we have at the museum, this specific aircraft operated in SEA during 1972, in the hands of 35TFS 366TFW. The rumours also have it that on May 23rd 1972, Cpt. James M. Beatty Jr. and 1Lt James M. Sumner downed a MIG21 flying "333". Could anyone please verify this ? As we would like to bring the aircraft back to it's 1972 colour scheme, we would also like to make contact with anybody who can supply us with photo of "333" in its "original" form, or in any other way assist us with information in this matter.