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"A strange encounter...."

This is my strange encounter with a message board post on the IMDB... though it is a message someone else made to relate their own strange encounter. Very much like some other types of old message board posts we've seen... elsewhere....


A strange encounter with sum 1 who looked like Andy Kaufman
by - Cat_Scratch_fever_21 (Wed Oct 5 2005 23:41:51)

let me say first off that andy kaufman died long before I was born, i was born in 1989. and the only reason i know who Andy Kaufman is because of me being a big Jim carrey fan. I live in albuquerque with my mom one day on our way to wal-mart me and my mom met a strange man outside wal-mart pan-handling.
he looked a lot like andy kaufman but a little more over weight. he told us his name was glen and he needed money to go to new york he kept saying "i have a truck" he sounded almost too scary to be ak, because andy seemed real innocent.
anyways this guy was tall and my mom said andy kaufman wasn't that tall. i still think it may have been him.... what do u guys think?


Interesting? I also like the New Mexico reference. Hard to reach any conclusions... this person does not post all that much, but has also posted in the IMDB Kurt Cobain forum, oddly, about Ted Nugent (thus the posting name, I suppose). Within the same Cobain thread, I noticed another name I had just seen in another Andy Kaufman thread, as follows:


Re: Whaaa?
by - Jerodie-is-the-best (Fri Apr 8 2005 22:23:56)

The character we knew as Andy Kaufman did "Die" but Steve Rocco lives!


So, both of these people (at least, presumably two different people) post not really all that much within IMDB's forums, but they share an interest in AK and Kurt Cobain and/or Ted Nugent. And without bothering to go find out, I don't know offhand what a Jerodie is.

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