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Japanese TV interested in Grey Nomads

Hi, my name is Tomoko Onuki of Slow Life Media Pty Ltd, a media coordinator based in the Gold Coast, working on behalf of NHK, the public TV network of Japan (equivalent to ABC in Australia).

I am writing this message as one of NHK's regular series, Chikyu Agora is planning an episdode on various forms of "happy retirement" from around the world and they are very interested in the "Grey Nomad" lifestyle of Australia and was wondering if anyone may be interested in becoming involved.

We are looking for an elderly couple who have sold their house to travel and have been on the road for a while.
The shoot is expected to take place in the beginning of September.
There will be no pay but we will cover expense which may arise due to the shoot and will definitely send a copy of the program when completed!

Below is some more details about the program.

Title of Series: “Chikyu Agora (World Agora)”
Website: (sorry, Japanese only)
Broadcaster: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Channel BS-1
Broadcast Time: 22:00-22:49 Sunday 16th September 2012
Production: NHK, NHK Enterprise, Amazon, Inc

Synopsis: “Chikyu Agora” is a discussion style talk show where we connect Japanese immigrants around the world and the NHK studio in Tokyo through skype. Agora is an ancient Greek word for ”piazza”. In each episode about 3-4 “Agorers,” our Japanese contacts around the world, will appear live and talk with our hosts and guests in the studio. The program intends to provide viewers in Japan a new view of the world through the eyes of the “Agorers”, who are experiencing the life and culture first hand.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to know more.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!