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To all our friends, and friends that we are yet to meet.

Just a little information to bring you up to date with what is happening at Lorella Springs.

This year we will be opening on the 1st of April. 01/04/2010, so start preparing now. We can't wait to see you.

This should be the end of the wet season and roads should be passable, temperatures and humidity down, everything should be green with waterfalls and rivers flowing. The Billabongs will be full and full of life. We personally think that this is the best time of the year, as everything is fresh and in it's pristine wilderness condition. The fish, crabs and redclaw yabbies are just waiting for someone to catch them, and the animals have not heard a vehicle since last year and often just ignore you as if you are only another part of the environment. The Rosie River is boiling with Life.

Although we have owned Lorella Springs Station for over twenty years, most of this massive country is still untouched and every year we discover new and wonderful things about it.

A few new items to tell you about are the opening up of previously untouched areas such as Wildfire Gorge, Crystal Springs, Billabong Drive, Flying Fox Swamp, the verrry hot "Nudie Springs", unexplored swamps, lakes and creeks just bubbling teaming bursting with wildlife, and new tracks to different parts of Lorella and the 20 kilometres of Carpentaria Coast that no one has ever driven to before.

We have found is a giant Jabiru nest where the birds return every year to breed and nest. As well as the Sea Eagles Nest, and hundreds of different bird species. This is a bird lovers paradise.

There are huge Giant Groper that are indifferent to people at both the fishing camp and at the Rosie River entrance, and most fishermen see them as the Groper try to steal your Queenfish before the sharks and crocodiles do.

Please note that all of Lorella is a Wilderness Retreat Sanctuary, and apart from what is to be eaten that day, everything is "catch and release unharmed". This especially applies to the Giant Groper, all Very Large Fish, Crocs, and even Large Sharks. All Animal and Birdlife are protected and there is a very strict "no shooting " policy. Very limited escorted hunting tours can be arranged, but only for environmentally nuisance feral animals.

Because of repeated requests for a secluded "Nude Area" we have opened up our "Nudie Springs". This is about 20 kilometres from the main homestead and camping area, but has it's own thermal spring, BBQs and camping areas, and just lots to see and do, all within easy bush walking or 4WD distance ... or just come back to the main campground with it's bar with Icy Cold Drinks.

If you are part of any sort of club, bring your club along as we offer substantial discounts to groups, on our already really low prices . We also offer great discounts for those wishing an extended stay. Why not get a season pass here ? It is the remote outback you have been searching for all your life. Come and meet like minded people.

Perhaps you may feel like a break from your "Around Australia roughing it" holiday, then you may like to spend some time in our new Luxury, Roomy, African Safari Style Tents.

If you are a four wheel driver, then there are hundreds of kilometres of tracks to explore. And if you are really into extreme 4WD driving then we have some challenges that you are going to love.

All the time we are putting in tracks to places that no human being has ever been before. Maybe you may like to help bush bash to new and exciting locations that we have found through Google Earth.

Leave lots of time for your stay at Lorella as there is so much to see and do. Remember, Lorella is one million acres, far bigger that many countries in the world .. and there is lots and lots to entice everyone ... from relaxing in the Magic Healing Thermal Spring with a "Coldie" from the Bar, (under a Billion stars with with a Bonfire blazing alongside for that romantic adventure atmosphere) ... to some of the best creeks, rivers, thermal springs, billabongs, coastline, history, fossicking, untouched bushland and all sorts of birdlife, wildlife, fishing, crabbing and exploring in Australia.

Just take some time to go through all of our website . There are just too many things to list here. Lorella is just great for all ages.

If you think that someone you know would like to learn more about Lorella, please pass this info onto them. You can download and print an online brochure at or can send us your mailing address and we will snailmail post some brochures for you to pass out.

Perhaps you may like to look at our Lorella YouTube Clip.

Hope to see you at Lorella Springs this year for lots and lots of fun and adventures.

Best Regards,