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Claim Your Trip As A Tax Deduction

I readers would like to post some questions on how to claim their trip as a tax deduction I would be happy to answer them. Firstly you have to work. Then you have to try to fit within the following: the first 4 points are more important than the last 2.
1) Have a web of workplaces. This means you must organise the next farm you visit before you
leave the current one and go to more than one farm before returning home.
2) Keep the necessary diaries, log books and written evidence to substantiate your claims.
3) Maintain a home other than the farms you visit i.e. a bedroom at your adult child’s home.
4) Do not set up permanent accommodation where you are working i.e. do not take a lease on a house or flat.
5) Improve your entitlement to claim travel expenses by justifying the need to carry more than
18kgs of tools or equipment that is large and awkward with you.
6) Avoid staying at one farm for longer than 3 weeks though if you are in temporary accommodation such
as a tent or caravan you may be able to push this as far as 6 months.

Re: Claim Your Trip As A Tax Deduction

Anyone interested in learning more on this subject is welcome to attend the next workshop on July 12 at Cooran in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Please email me for more info.
Safe travels