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Looking Ahead

Does anyone think Griedl might be on the hotseat given the decline in the team from previous years?

Re: Looking Ahead

Any coach in Texas is in the hot seat if they have a terrible season. I wouldn’t say the team is in decline. The guy won the district championship year before last. Last season was disappointing but we had a first year quarterback, an offensive line that couldn’t block a parked car, and no running game. I think we see a big uptick this season. Mavs will be greatly improved. The staff will earn a lot of respect this season.

Re: Looking Ahead

The Mavs are going to have a strong season and the staff will be fine. Sit back and enjoy it.

Re: Looking Ahead

Anything less than 6-4/playoff appearance will turn the heat up on the staff for sure. But I don't think it'll happen. Last year was a bump in the road, not a trend.

Re: Looking Ahead

This staff deserves 100% of our support headed into the season.
Discussion of a positive or negative nature can wait until the end of the season when things can be evaluated.

Re: Looking Ahead

Tread lightly...... threads like this won't be allowed.

Support the team and the staff. They deserve it.

Re: Looking Ahead

The dude won a district championship in his first year. So what if last season was disappointing? All teams have down years. This year they will be back and the staff cements their spot here for a nice long while. We would be wise to hold on to this staff as long as we can. They are making a huge difference.

Re: Looking Ahead

Stand Up and cheer the beginning of a New Year
The team will play and the coaches prepare not out of fear
But for family and friends, all those that are here.

The town will be ready for all those battles on Friday nights
Our young men and staff will endeavor to win those fights

Their efforts will be endless, with courage poured out
To play every down from snap to whistle.

“Make a play young man” the crowd will shout
As they strive to score and score some more

Then Stand and Cheer for the end of the year
For win or lose this we hold true, we play for friends and family
Near and dear.