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Family tree - looking for relatives - Jewish family BAUM

Hi everybody, that's me again, Daniela Baum. After checking my posting in this guestbook with my father we have noted, that my knowledge of our family tree was incomplete.

Max Baum was the brother of my great-grandfather
Wilhelm Baum who passed away in 1894.
Max Baum (03.02.1842/07.1912) came in 1865 to the United States and had a well known Textil Shop in Uniontown.
He was married with Sarah (1862/10.04.1907) nee Rosenbaum. Max and Sarah had 6 children.

Maybe we will be able to find descendants of the following families too:

Mrs. L.S. Hirsch-Baum
William Baum (15.06.1872/24.11.1919). He was married with Bertha nee Schulhoff (10.11.1877/03.06.1948. They had 3 daughters. Ellianor, Mattie and Sarah.
Dr. Simom Baum (18.02.1875/24.09.1927)
Isaac Baum
Miss Leona Baum
Mattie Baum deRoy (1878/27.09.1901)

We would be grateful for any kind of news. Thank you very much. Daniela Baum
Email add: danielabaum@yahoo.de
Hometown: Principality of Liechtenstein

Hometown: Vaduz

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