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Evelyn Schramm, Class of '42

My Mom (Evelyn Marie Schramm) and her sister (Callista) grew up at 42 Wilson Avenue in Uniontown and graduated Uniontown High in 1942. I'm looking for anyone who might have known her. She is in the hospital recovering from heart failure, hoping to get strong enough for a life-saving valve-replacement surgery. If you know of anyone who attended Uniontown High from 1939 - 1945, or have parents or grand-parents who did, would you please put them in touch with me via e-mail (steve_rock_0916@yahoo.com) or phone (845 621-2373)?
Many thanks.
Steve Rock
Mahopac, NY

Hometown: Cohoes, NY

Re: Evelyn Schramm, Class of '42 - by Steve Rock - Feb 5, 2012 8:42am
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