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Uniontown Hotel

I'm researching the history of FM Stereo, which was evaluated by the FCC in Uniontown in 1961. So far, I've confirmed that the station chosen for these experiments was KDKA-FM (now 92.9 WLTJ) and the test receivers were set up at the "Uniontown Hotel".

My questions: Does this hotel still exist (perhaps under a different name) and what was its street address? Might one of you have a picture of the building as it appeared in the early '60s?

In case you're curious, the winning FM stereo system was developed by GE and Zenith and officially launched in the US later in 1961. Eventually it was adopted by every nation of the world, so the results of those Uniontown tests have had a significant impact on a technology that billions of people now use daily.

Hometown: Philadelphia

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