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John Earl & The Boogieman Band
Rock n Roll
Classic Rock

702-406-0196 Mgr./Agent Shirley Williams

Based in Las Vegas, NV & will travel out of state

Hey y'all,
We have played River Run & Blues & Brews in Laughlin, NV. at the Colorado Belle Casino for the last 9 years and Chili Bikes & Blues at The Avi Casino in S. Nevada for the past 6 years and countless Bike Parties and Runs in Las Vegas since 1988!
We opened The House of Blues in Vegas and regularly played The Hard Rock Joint.
We were the House band at the Sand Dollar in Las Vegas from 1990 till 1999.
Born to Boogie we're always ready to Play! We love to Party and see folks having a Great time!!
Hope to see all our friends again soon!!!
John Earl

Posted: Thu, 20 Sep. 2018
Expires: Sun, 17 Sep. 2028
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Open Doors
We are mostly a rock band and are based in Berwick, Aus. We are looking for gigs. We play rock, blues and metal. Email: Visit:

Posted: Tue, 22 Jun. 2010
Expires: Fri, 19 Jun. 2020
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Dying Rest
My Name Michelle, 8323525153 Sugar Land and Houston Areas. Texas 77083-77498 contact heavy metal/ rap

Posted: Tue, 25 May. 2010
Expires: Fri, 22 May. 2020
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No Regrets
No Regrets
Classic Rock Band
Bar gigs, weddings, corp. events, etc.

Marti Reeves 602-300-8952
Eric Reeves 480-430-2711

Posted: Wed, 5 May. 2010
Expires: Sat, 2 May. 2020
Route 66 Band

Formed in 2002 in Phoenix, AZ, Route 66 is a no frills, hard driving four-piece band that delivers old rock & roll, country, and blues from the past fifty years. The cover songs presented by the group are popular in venues such as nightclubs, private parties, and special events. Rates are reasonable. For promotional/booking information, contact Dennis at 623-465-2644.

Posted: Sat, 1 May. 2010
Expires: Tue, 28 Apr. 2020
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Slaves of Yesterday
anything from blues,bluegrass,acoustic rock and heavy metal.Were a newly formed band from west va.
Aaron Griffith-Guitar/vocals
Brian hite-Guitar

Posted: Thu, 11 Mar. 2010
Expires: Sun, 8 Mar. 2020
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solo artist
upcoming musician looking for support please check it out.

Posted: Sat, 27 Feb. 2010
Expires: Tue, 25 Feb. 2020
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BURNIN' BETTY is a Phoenix, AZ based 5-pc. hard rock band. We are always seeking fun events, clubs and partys to rock! We do a great variety of fun danceable hard rock songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's and current music. For more info on where we are playing next and more on the band, check out our MySpace site. For bookings call Dave Freytag at (623)256-8265

Posted: Fri, 18 Dec. 2009
Expires: Mon, 16 Dec. 2019
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Three piece from Bolton. We formed in Feb 2005
Cameron Maunder (Lead singer and bass guitar)22/07/93
Kurtis Maunder (Guitars)22/07/93
Jack Birch (Drums)21/07/92

Posted: Sun, 8 Nov. 2009
Expires: Wed, 6 Nov. 2019
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LYNZEE 80s Metal Returns 2009
After 24 years of keeping the faith & the exit of yet another drummer, on October 15th 2008 remaining members of the band Lynzee created a basic Myspace as a tribute to their history and a place for fans past & present to meet. They had no idea what would come of this little endeavor…By December 2008 the band found new life when they were discovered by Kimmy from RETROSPECT RECORDS one the worlds largest independent rock/metal reissue labels. They were immediately offered a multi-release record deal. They agreed to re-release 3 of their classic albums complete with new unreleased material as well as a 4th new release in 2009. The ultimate bonus was the return of one of the original drummers Bill Haertel… as of 2009 Lynzee is BACK IN BLACK.

Originally from Winnipeg, LYNZEE was formed by Canadian Artist Richard Lindsey in 1985. Transplanted to the streets of Southern California in 1977, Richard began his obsession with Heavy Metal when he picked up his first KISS, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath albums & a Les Paul. After years of playing in local bands & backyard parties Richard formed LYNZEE. The band hit the Hollywood scene in the 1980's performing at many of the legendary nightclubs & abroad.
In Your Face ARENA Rock, with Metal to spare. Guitars, Solos, Pounding Bass, Killer Drummer, Memorable hooks, put it all together and you have a Fantastic collection of Ultra Cool Heavy Melodic ARENA Metal, MONSTER musicians & Kick Ass Rock n Roll born in the 1980s!
RETROSPECT RECORDS will be Releasing FOUR albums in 2009. 1. Victim of Nirvana 2. Man of the People 3. Lost in America 4. VOODOO Remastered & Repackaged for 2009. With New never before released tracks as well as a COMPLETELY NEW Release coming Winter 2009. PLEASE be sure to check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITES

Posted: Fri, 24 Jul. 2009
Expires: Mon, 22 Jul. 2019
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Band Name: Aspidochelone

Style: Brit-Rock, Punk, Alternative

Location: Ottawa, ON

Posted: Fri, 19 Jun. 2009
Expires: Mon, 17 Jun. 2019
About Rockintoxication:

Imagine an atomic bomb going off! that is what you are going to get with Rockintoxication, this is the kind of band that you want to go see again and again! the band has extreme showmanship and plays non stop 1 hour sets. with a huge lightshow and sound system, the idea of this band was to give you the feeling of going to a full Blown concert. with powerful over the top vocals and harmony's , smoldering guitar solo's, in your face bass playing and coliseum drums. Rockintoxication is Band like no other around the area! with a vast background from: 70's, 80's, hair metal, death metal, jazz and just flat out Rock n Roll we have something for everyone! so if you like your rock n roll with ball's, power and the feeling of a 747 hitting you in the chest come see us at our next show!

We do music from the 70's, 80's and 90's
everything from aerosmith to nickleback

For Booking Call John: 386-215-1864
Location: Deland Florida
we are willing to travel, we will do Bike events,concerts and fairs as well as clubs.

Posted: Thu, 18 Jun. 2009
Expires: Sun, 16 Jun. 2019
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