Title: PM Tour - Available
Duration: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Details: Tour Description:
Roswell UFO Tours by local researcher, Dennis Balthaser. Discover the 1947 UFO crash, retrieval, and cover-up at the actual locations where the events occurred in Roswell, New Mexico. Over 20 different locations are visited during the Roswell UFO Tour, including the former homes of several of the first hand witnesses, and a drive by of several of the city's museums. Since Roswell has a rich Old West history, a few of those locations are included, as well as a drive through a portion of the historical district, showcasing the various architecture used in homes years ago. One of the most popular portions of the tour involves driving down to the Roswell Industrial Air Park, known as the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 when the UFO Incident occurred. Many of the buildings are still there some 60 years later including the World War II aircraft hangar (Building 84) where the extraterrestrial bodies and debris were allegedly stored until being shipped out to other locations for study. As the Roswell UFO Tour progresses, other information pertinent to the 1947 UFO Incident and Roswell in general is shared with Tour guests, such as the locations of the crash sites, the commercial airline aircraft being stored at the airport, the only "flying saucer" McDonalds restaurant in the world located in Roswell, etc.

What's Included:
• Private Tour Guide, Top Roswell UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser
• Comfortable transportation with hotel transfers (upon request)
• Current location of the Roswell Daily Record newspaper
• Drive by of Robert Goddard workshop and Roswell Art Museum
• Former home of RAAF Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel
• Former home of RAAF Public Relations Officer Walter Haut
• Drive through one of Roswell's Historical Districts (N. Lea St)
• Drive by Southeast New Mexico Historical Museum
• Current City Hall (formerly Roswell Police Station in 1947)
• Pioneer Plaza / Chisum Trail statue of John Chisum
• See the former location of the Roswell Daily Record newspaper
• Former location of Sheriff Wilcox's office and County jail in 1947
• Visit the monument to Pat Garrett (who shot outlaw Billy the Kid)
• Ballard Funeral Home and much more!

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